Danny de Vries

A young thug


Full Name: Danny de Vries
Position: Retrieval Agent

Insfelt Status: 1

Employment History:
Start of Contract: 5th of May, 200X

Current Thaumatech Employed: None


This agent can be described as mildly instable and very violent.
Background research has revealed that he has a strong dislike for the abundantly rich and is quick to reach for violent measures when confronted with them.
It has been suggested that a lost father figure might be the reason because of this.

Caring for a physically frail mother has given him the potential for responsible actions. This appears to be counterintuïtive, considering the above mentioned violent streak.

Agent has no known diplomas, though he appears to have connections within the local underworld and has a knack for acting instinctively. His lack of subtlety makes him a bad investigator, but his connections can make him a valuable source for information and non-regulation equipment.

Several agents of Team 2 appear to be uncomfortable around him, though agent Steven and he appear to think alike. Possibly his insistence on arming himself has to do with this.

Agent refuses to share the connections with other agents. Connections might be dangerous, inaccurate, or both.
Agent refuses to share the sources of his equipment with other agents. Sources deemed insignificant.
Agent has been confirmed as a loose cannon. He appears to act so as to annoy those above him. Patience is adviced when dealing with him.
Agent has been confirmed to perform vandalism on the vehicles of those whom he dislikes. Keep your vehicles away from his direct surroundings if you are either rich or angered him for whatever reason.

Danny de Vries

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